Hi I am Jenny,


I am here to let you know that I’ve been where you are, stuck in the illness - health cycle, trying everything to try and fix my symptoms, and realising that strategies rarely ever work for long before symptoms return or new ones are added to your list 


  • I see you, exhausted, frustrated and desperate to find a solution that works for you.

  • I feel your sadness in missing out, because your body won’t allow you to join in what others are doing.

  • I see your dreams slipping away with every year that passes. You have had enough of suffering and want to get on with living.

  • I feel your rejection from those who don’t understand your struggle.

  • I understand your reluctance at having to ask for help

  • I feel your sense of hopelessness to change the situation you are in. 

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If you are like I was and don’t want to accept that you will be this way for the rest of your life. I can assure you that there is a way out. It’s not a path that most people know about yet, but it is backed by a new branch of science and it will change your life, as it did mine.


I know you want to:

Live your life to it’s fullest without the pain and struggle.

Feel healthier and have more energy and the freedom to do the things you love.   

Feel respected by those in your circle and have better relationships with those you love.


I hear you completely and I am sorry that you have had to struggle for so long. And.. even though you may think that parts of you are broken and you have no idea how to begin reclaiming your health and vitality, you are whole and I can help you rediscover that.

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In 2018, my health had begun to deteriorate rapidly again and I lost a lot of the ground I had spent years making up. I had an increasing list of food and chemical intolerances as well as headaches, reflux and stomach upsets and skin issues. I always felt cold and I had almost no exercise tolerance..

In mid 2019, we as a family made a life changing decision to sell our house and move to the country for a tree change, largely in the hope that a reduced stress lifestyle would help reduce my symptoms and create a happier family. This decision was the catalyst for a whole bunch of ‘coincidences’ to occur.

And ultimately, I was led to learn about meditation and it’s power in ‘healing’. I never thought I could do meditation, my mind was too active, but the research  gave me hope, so I dived right in and gave it a go. I also began researching more to help me understand how it worked.  Within a few months of committing, I soon found profound changes in my energy. My food variety increased rapidly and my symptoms diminished just as quickly.

A few months after beginning this work, I was introduced to a system that demonstrated everything I had spent months learning, in a simple and easy to learn process.  I knew then that it was my mission to use this work to support those who shared a similar journey, regardless of their actual health issues.

So I if you have tried everything else, or are open to trying something a bit different, then get in touch to find out more. I am passionate about getting this work out to as many people as possible and I know with all my heart, that this process works for anyone who learns how to integrate it into their way of living. It’s not hard, but it does take time to fully embrace and apply to all aspects of your life.


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Hey there, I am Jenny


I help people who are tired of struggling with chronic health issues, to harness their inner power and transform their quality of life, so they can ease pain and sadness, elevate their health and have confidence about living a whole and fulfilling life. 


I strongly believe it is my life mission to help others realise the true power of their body and mind in creating optimal health and living a life they dream of.


I am a trained nutritionist, and mindset coach. I’ve studied and worked in healthcare my entire adult life and I’ve experienced a lot of setbacks in my own wellbeing, which I spent almost 20 years trying to overcome.   

I comprehend the levels of stress that physical and mental health issues cause. I also understand the exhaustion and frustration you feel when trying to work out where to put your time, energy and money in finding a solution that works for you.


I wholeheartedly believe, I have discovered one of the most powerful systems currently known to mankind, that will assist you to transform not only your health and vitality, but enrich every aspect of your life. And the best thing is that you don’t need to revisit your childhood or work through trauma and painful memories, in order to achieve the success you want.


I used this system and continue to use it, to create a life I truly love waking up to every single day.


If you are ready to take back your power, join my free webinar to find out more or give me a call if you have questions and would like to chat.

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By Jen K. 

When I came to Jenny’s program I had been living with a debilitating health condition that was having severe adverse impacts on my physical and emotional health for nearly 25 years and it seemed the more I did to try to “fix” it, the worse it got!

I am celebrating many wins already including fewer episodes and reduced levels of pain, a significant reduction in fear about potential triggers and a return to many of the things I was denying myself including introducing many foods back into my diet and and activities I used to believe caused me harm.

Funny thing is that I came wanting to heal my physical pain and in the process have delighted in improved relationships and a huge expansion in what I thought was possible for me in living my true nature and purpose including me manifesting an opportunity to share my creative offerings at an upcoming national conference.

Jenny’s program and the learnings I am soaking up were also instrumental in me navigating my Father’s recent death with much grace and ease and to embrace supporting his end of life process as an honour and a privilege. 


What sets Jenny’s program apart from other programs I have done (and there have been plenty) is that it has provided me with the missing pieces that were holding me back.  The group format works well for me in that I’m able to learn and gain my own insights through other's sharing. The twice weekly calls, the recordings, and the guided meditations encourage accountability and a wonderful way to track my success. And Jenny’s lived experience, her depth of knowledge, her personable and inclusive approach and her willingness to make sure that no-one gets left behind makes her program an invaluable investment.


By Tina

Prior to commencing the coaching with Jenny I felt I was stuck in a rut, just taking each day as it came without any firm plans for the.  I want to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle heading into older age which is creative and helps me to prepare for whatever is coming next. 

During our coaching together I've learnt some interesting practices and processes.  The meditations have been extremely helpful in getting me to focus and to remove any roadblocks I had put in place.  The interaction with other participants, as well as having Jenny provide advice and feedback during our sessions on a matter being discussed, was most invaluable.. 

My advice, should you do this program, is to be open and honest and be happy to share experiences and accept advice.  Nothing you say will ever be put down, but encouragement, advice, empathy, and sympathy are so very evident throughout each session.  Thank you Jenny for your support and wisdom


By Doug 

Some highlights of the last three months in the program include:

Breaking through a weight barrier that I have not been under since high school ( nearly 30 years).  I have gotten close to this several times over the years, but this time have broken through and am keeping on going. I’m now wearing clothes that I brought 20 years ago and have never been able to wear.

Early on I completed one of my 3 month goals to be able to do full days work outside (I could only ever do 4 - 5 hours without breaking myself in the past), and haven’t looked back from there. I even built a milking shed for my goats and that I finished ahead of the birth of the kids.

I’ve tackled some financial things that I had put off for years based on previous bad experiences and am not buying any food from supermarkets. And.. I am sourcing nearly all organic products.

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'Jenny is very empathic and gentle and has a raw heartfelt honesty that makes it easy to feel comfortable and safe.'



'After a few weeks i started to see the breakthroughs come, one after the other.'



"Jenny is so easy to work with and the processes are so simple. But the magic really starts to appear as the week goes on.  I can't wait to see what else is possible


My Story

I have always been highly self motivated and growing up I believed that if you worked hard enough, you could achieve success in life.

In my teens, I loved running and competed in triathlons for fun. Life was great, that was until my body shut down with chronic fatigue and a whole host of other random symptoms in my early 20’s.

I spent years looking for answers in the medical model, but never feeling like I was understood and never finding answers that would allow me to return to my former level of health. I only ever managed to achieve some success when I looked outside the system, towards alternative health treatments. However, my success never seemed to last long.

I know I worked too hard and my stress and lack of sleep amongst other things, contributed to new health issues. And, even though I ate healthier than most and I tried to exercise regularly, I just never seemed to get there... I just rebounded back to where I started.

Fun facts about me:

  • My favourite places to hang out are on or in rivers, lakes, forests and in my vegetable garden.

  • I love bike riding, kayaking, walking, skiing, fishing with my youngest and working on our property.

  • We share a property of 67 acres with my sister and her family. Our houses are side by side and we share the workload, as well as lots of laughs and a few tears.

  • I am a mum of two teenage boys and a wife to my teenage sweetheart!

  • I have a soft spot for animals of all kinds.  On our property we have sheep, chickens, cows, 3 cheeky miniature goats, a dog (Molly) and a Cat (Pepsi). Plus we have a resident wombat, echidna and a goanna. 

  • I started learning violin 10 years ago, and am still gaining the confidence to play for others.

  • I’ve been learning how to grow our own food and created a large vegetable garden that goes a good way to feeding all 8 of us.

  • We eat organic food as much as we possibly can and have a chemical free home and property.

  • I’ve come to love doing meditation, something that for a long time, I thought was not for me. I do it daily and am grateful for the downloads and the health benefits I get from getting in the zone. 

  • I am inspired every day, by the power of the human mind and heart and am committed to helping as many people as I can to realise their own power.


    What would you love to have more than anything? 

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